Tuesday, May 18, 2010

testing my macro lens

OK, now the lens is behaving. Not bad if you consider that I did this without a tripod. With a tripod they would be much sharper still.
All the hawthorn that I keep showing.


Hirth Janos said...

Wonderful uptakes Walter. Congratulations. Hirth János Hungary

stribouille said...

Good shots walter.

Your dedicated page of super-shot will grow a lot, like your pine I saw ;)

Have fun

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,

I love hawthorns, one of our most beautiful endemic species that is also marvelous for bonsai practices. What a beautiful trunk this one has, great natural styling too, it brings out the best of the typical characteristics of hawthorns.

anyway i have 2 myself, more modest ones offcourse, and between (overall) age of 10 tot 30 years. However i dont succeed in getting them to flower... :( do you have special care or attention you put on your hawthorns to get them to flower? How do you cut the twigs/shootling every year? any help is welcome.

yves, belgium

Francesco said...


Am I wrong or was I remembering of a Micro Nikkor 60 f/2.8 ?

Why did you give up such jewel for a Tamron ???

Walter Pall said...


well, I do nothing special with my hawthorns. Modern substrate, aggressive watering and feeding. Full sunshine all summer long is important. I leave the new shoots in spring for a few weeks and then I cut them back radically. Only when I want to take a photograph of bring to an exhibit I cut earlier. Don't cut after beginning of August.


Walter Pall said...

because the Tamron is slightly better. Very simple.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!
I like the detail of the little insect in the second shot !!!


Arzivenko said...

Walter, could you post a full-resolution photo? The sharpness is amazing.

If you are retiring your nikkor, we could negociate it! :D


Walter Pall said...

After about 50 shots I have decided that the new Tamron is clearly better than the Nikon 60 2.8. The sharpness is incredible. The Tamron has a strong tendency to underexpose. So I make every shot with plus 1,0 or even more aperture correction. The auto focus at medium to longer distances sometimes has to be adjusted manually which bothers me. Besides making most outstanding macro photographs it makes most outstanding portrait shots. Which is exactly what we want for bonsai.

my Nikon is available on ebay here


Arzivenko said...

I pay EUR 100,00 on it !


Walter Pall said...

This will probably go above 280 euro.