Saturday, May 29, 2010

development of Japanese white pine

I have decided that my Japanese white pine should have a new front eventually. The tree will be rotated counter-clock-wise two hours. Today I edited the crown. In April 2011 I will change the position in the pot. The view over the edge is the new one. Now the old front looks a bit worse than before. This is how the game is played. Sometimes one just cannot have it both ways. But the new front is exiting, I think.


Stavros said...

Hi Walter,

the tree is a piece of art as it is, but the 'new' front makes it look even better...I think that it gives the impression of a bit more compact tree.

Sebastijan Sandev said...

Very good move!!!
New front...excellent

Wolfgang said...

Had the same idea, Walter, looking at your white pine at the Bavarian bonsai exhibition in Burghausen a few weeks ago.
Great tree! (wrong placed! - would fit better in MY bonsai garden... ;o) )

Shaukat Islam said...

Yes, the tree indeed looks nice from the proposed angle