Monday, May 17, 2010

Effect of my watering and feeding scheme

Most of you have read about my way of aggressively watering and feeing more than 20 times more than the normal bonsai enthusiast together with modern substrate. Some still doubt the validity of what I am preaching. Well, look at this. If you want healthy scots pines which multiply buds and grow about ten times more than ordinary scots pines then this is what you get with my scheme. Some still believe that bonsai HAVE to stay small and therefore must not grow much. Well, they simply have not understood what development of bonsai means.


Anonymous said...

Impressive walter. I never had this growth, although i water a lot and feed very much.
What kind of soil do you use? It looks kind of grey/black on pictures? Or is this a different toplayer?


Walter Pall said...


I use baked loam or lava or pumice or hare akadama or similar. It's called modern substrate. The top layer is the smaller version of baked loam. Just for optics.


Stavros said...

Following your example, after being impressed by the vigour of your trees, i started using baked moler clay as my base and 20-30% peat moss. I must admit that even though i have repotted all my trees in this kind of substrate and i was expecting to see some slow progress, the results were exactly the opposite....

I feed the trees every 10 days and so far i see that compared to other years the growth is much stronger and healthier.

Christian said...

Hallo Walter,

I'm still trying to understand the nuances of this. Do you follow this feedinig method with your 'established' trees (for example the Rocky Mountain juniper that you repotted in another update after 16 years), or just for trees 'in development' where you want aggressive growth?

I guess I'm wondering how this amount of growth would work for 'finished' trees - especiaally deciduous ones.
Vielen Dank!

Walter Pall said...


I have no finished trees. Should I ever get closer to where I want them then I would slow down for specific trees. So far i treat EVERY tree like this.


Dominik said...

Hello Walter
Im using for my trees (most in early development stage) mix of baked clay with pine bark and lava . Feeding them during the season every 7 days with about tripled proportion that should be and I have to say that effects are very good and even amazing. Strong growth both roots and branches.
Im sure that lots of people said it before but time when You publish(if) book about Bonsai its going to be the best book ever wrote!