Wednesday, March 31, 2010

new wild olive

This is a wild olive, Olea europea, which was collected by Denis Firic in Croatia a year ago. He brought it to the tree critique and workshop in Kastel in March 2010. There he worked on it and finally it found it's way into my car. At home I edited it a little and repotted it with Pawel Piekarczyk from Poland. It went into a great pot by John Pitt which seemed ton have been made for it. The wild variety has very small round leaves and is much better than what is usually offered. Very rarely if ever can one find a specimen piece of material like this one.
I am very happy and see a great future for this tree.


Anonymous said...

Hermosa planta Walter felicitaciones y saludos desde Argentina
Alejandro Lollini

mesasola said...

I'd like to see some new photos of this olive. Have you done any progress or did you leave it to grow freely?

Walter Pall said...

mesasola, this now is with a friend who can overwinter it in a big warm greenhouse. I will get it back back at the beginning of May and post some new images then.

mesasola said...

Thank you for your answer. I' m looking forward to see it's progress.