Wednesday, March 31, 2010

big impressive ficus for sale or trade

Ficus retusa, very well established. For sale or trade.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Pall I believe that is a ficus benjamina. Quite amazing! Is there a particular reason you do not like working with ficus?

Walter Pall said...

It does not matter much what exact species it it.
I don't work with ficus because I find it almost impossible to overwinter them well and in summer it is not warm and moist enough. In Florida and similar places ficus grows five times as good as here. And then most ficus are styled to look like a juniper which desparately wants to look like an abstract Japanese pine tree. I don't like that style, it is kitsch in my eyes.
Grow plants that like your garden!


Unknown said...

How much

Walter Pall said...

In the meanwhile the tree is MUCH better - it is one of the best in Europe now I believe. I will probably keep it. Or you pay 3,900 euro.