Monday, March 15, 2010

back from Mistral

See my adventures in Spain here:

Walter's Travelogues


Anonymous said...

So great,

Good to see you back.

My prefer tree is this one :

Very impressiove movement of trunc, good tachiagari.
I hope to see you in a demo pretty soon.


Anonymous said...

Hello Walter!!!
Thank you for let me help you last Saturday wiring the demostration pine. Let me know where I can send you some pictures, some e-mail address.
Thanks again and feel free to come to my house whenever you want.

Kind regards,
Santi Clotet

Walter Pall said...


thank you for helping me.
My e-mail: bonsai(at)


Matt Williams said...

That place is immense, I'm suprised at the scele of it and had no idea that the European bonsai scene was large enough to support such a nursery.