Saturday, February 13, 2010

Tony Tickle is guilty of this

I just found this accidentally on IBC forum. Tony Ticke apparently had nothing better to do. thank you Tony.


Matt Williams said...

Very funny...
Some times an idea like this just catches your attention and you can't let it go: photoshop is just such a fun tool.
I don't know if he has you wearing a fedora or a trillby hat but it rather suits you Walter!

Shaukat Islam said...

If this was sent to Walter directly, it could have been a good joke.

But putting it at IBC Forum, without the person's knowing (on whom the joke was) is really not in good taste.


Tony Tickle said...

Shaukat... I know Walters sense of Humour and know that he would like this... if you read the image closely you will see it is complimentary.

Walter Pall said...

I didn't mind at all, thought it was funny and complimentary.