Thursday, February 25, 2010

comparison of pots

Old pot by Derek Aspinall and new pot by Horst Heinzlreiter. The crown is unchanged, only the tree is slightly rotated clockwise.


Anonymous said...

Have you considered removing the right lower branch?

Walter Pall said...

no way!


Matt Williams said...

Loosing that branch would be disasterous!

Jason said...

Awesome!!! Love the new pot and slight change in front.

Kestutis said...

I like the old pot better. The new pot seems a bit too wide and the pot colour implies that the tree grows in rocky mountain terrain, whereas the old pot has a tint of greenish colour suggesting a meadow. I think it's likelier that such a powerful lone tree would grow in a more fertile environment. The old pot, however, could be a little wider and higher, it looks overpowered by the tree. Maybe the relationship would be different if the tree were in leaf and/or will be allowed to grow a little wider. In any case, the tree is awe-inspiring

tlisky3 said...

The new pot is a nice change and fits the tree very well. The color of the pot is unique and does have a totally different feel then the previous with the color and shape. I might add this is my gold standard when it comes to tridents. This tree is it. Thanx for sharing.


Al Polito said...

Looks like someone might have jacked one of your photos for personal profit:

Or maybe you gave him permission? It's good that your bonsai is recognizable.

Walter Pall said...

Thanks, this sort of thing happens too often.

Wolfgang said...

I like the glace form the Aspinall pot better for this maple, Walter.
Maybe it could be a bit larger but it fits very well without foliage.

David said...

Hello Walter,

I prefer the new pot, since it makes a bigger contrast with the tree, and gives a bigger highlight to the tree...(i believe the new pot is the 2ยบ photo).

The pot wish I believe it was the old it was the "perfect twins" made for each other the texture, the color, they were a match...problem nothing realy stands out it's like a blur :)

Thanks for sharing,

Best regards from Portugal,
David Carvalho

Shaukat Islam said...


This tree will always be a source of inspiration for many. Thanks for posting the pics with both pots for comparison.

It's interesting to note the changes.

The color of the earlier pot was very compatible to the tree, particularly with full foliage.... it was a perfect match.

Size-wise, the new pot blends very well with the tree and the leafless tree looks great. The planting 'clockwise' angle has greatly improved the beauty of this tree.


Simon Carr photography said...

Walter - The ramification on your trident is wonderful. Have you ever written any articles on developing tridents?

Walter Pall said...

there is nothing special about tridents. I develop most broadleaved tree the same way.