Wednesday, February 17, 2010

small lilac

1) Syringa vulgaris, ordinary garden lilac
2) Syringa afghanica, Afghan lilac, souvenir of the Russian occupation in the eighties, they cam to Czechia where I got these cuttings.


Shimsuki said...

Walter, I really like the grove and the pot that it is in. Do lilac make good bonsai? I have always wanted to try that species out.


PS Do you know who the potter is?

Walter Pall said...


lilac can make spectacular bonsai. Look at my gallery. But the very small ones will not be so spectacular.
I forgot who the potter is. It is a lady from Bavaria.


lizleslie said...

Walter, your images are wonderful and your blog is so inspirational. I'm new to bonsai, and have an idea for using a lilac. It's to be a gift at some point for my daughter who loves lilacs. We live in Canada where there is no shortage of old and new syringa vulgaris. From my reading and searching online, it's clear that a] lilac are a challenge, and b] you are the master of the lilac bonsai. I've read the tidbits of tips you've left like gems through your various blog posts. Would you consider writing something more complete, a sort of "from start to blooms, how to bonsai a lilac"? Just a hopeful suggestion. Thanks for the inspiration, Lizz