Thursday, February 18, 2010

European beech in winter

All European beech, Fagus sylvatica, all collected and all are coming very nicely.


Anonymous said...

Sehr schöne Bilder. Ich finde es schade, dass es im Vergleich zu Koniferen allgemein so wenig extrem gute Laubbäume gibt.
Dabei sieht man an diesen Bildern wie ausdrucksstark Laubbäume sein können.

ein Laubbaum-Fan

alfredo espino said...


The first one is one of my favorite trees, ever. I saw a picture of it full of snow, awsome!

Thanks for sharing, master.


achim said...

hello walter,
i would like to know whether you experienced problems with frost hardiness of fagus when potted. how do you treat them in winter ?

Walter Pall said...


European beech are NOT very hardy in a pot. The branches and trunk can stand very low temperature, but the roots not. So you ABSOLUTELY have to protect your beech! I overwinter them in the cold greenhouse. The worst is late frosts when the tree has started to bud already the fine roots appear in parallel. They die if exposed to frost.