Saturday, March 28, 2009

very sad moment

Last year I explained that the deshojo variety of Japanese maple does not grow old because they all have a fungus and eventually die from it. This used to be maybe the most famous red maple in the world. I have very little hope that new growth will come from the stumps. Don't ask questions and don't give advice! It was and is a hopeless case.


Shaukat Islam said...


I feel terribly sad to see the tree in its present state.
Hope it will recover, and somehow survive.


Emre Durdar said...

I remember that message from last year, i thought it would eventually recover.
Sir, i feel sorry. Hope it will get better somehow.

Ana said...

Not much more that this tree could have asked from its predictably short life! I hope that its place in the collective imagination is filled by another of your trees.

TpaBayFlyFisher said...

Walter, because you took the time to expertly photograph that tree and post it for the world to enjoy, it will never really be "lost" and we view it when we feel the need for inspiration!

Shaukat Islam said...

TpaBayFlyFisher has rightly said the tree will never be 'lost' and we can always draw inspiration from Walter's beautiful pictures of this tree.

The memories of this wonderful tree will always be in our minds.


Anonymous said...


Any update on this tree?

Walter Pall said...

It is dead and never came back. As I wrote, this is to ber EXPECTED with this variety. Don't fool yourself.