Tuesday, March 31, 2009

repotting of huge maple

Alex and I were looking forward to this day all winter.


Olive Tree Guitar Ensemble said...

Hi, it's a very great blog.
Keep doing it !

Daniel said...


I am trying to create your substrate receipe from what you have written before (80% baked loam, turface for me, and rough peat).

I have a question:
Do you seive the rough peat you use and, if yes, at what size do you do it?

Thanks in advance and congratulation for this usefull blog,

Walter Pall said...


I take it out of the bag as I get it from the garden center.


Ross Munro said...

What a magnificent tree from any angle! I wonder about the pot - are those ridges inside added by the potter for supporting the bottom?

Thanks for your postings.

Igorilla said...

Hi Walter,
next time if you´ll need a Liebherr-crane for repotting - just let me know. Maybe I can arrange something ;-)
Congratualtions for the best Palmatum, I have ever seen!

Walter Pall said...


the ridges were done by Derek Aspinall, the famous potter to support this huge pot. They work very well.


George Glynos said...

This is a piece of art...

Anonymous said...


how often do you repot your trees?
how many roots do you cut?

Walter Pall said...

Maples every two yeasrs. Other trees every three to fifteen years, dpending on many things.
I cut about 50 % of roots on maples. On other trees only 10 to 20
5 on old conifers almost nothing or nothing.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Walter,
Do you allow all your deciduose trees leaf out this much before repotting, all the time?
Thank you for the time you spend teaching us!


Walter Pall said...


not always, only with the maple it is extreme. The whole world repots TOO EARLY. It is much better to repot a bit too late than a bit too early.
I do this on purpose. I had plenty of time in the past days to repot if I has wanted.


V. Hobus said...

Jeden tag ist Er noch mehr schöne!!!

Anonymous said...

What is "rough peat" exactly, I usually see peat vaccum-packed into little square blocks, but it's really fine- if tossed in the air, it would blow away in the wind.

Walter Pall said...

Then it's the wrong kind. The peat has ver little dust components and comes in particles and even long pieces of dead sphagnum moss. The dust peat kind is dangerous. Thefore 'rough'.