Sunday, March 8, 2009

still winter

This is a bit unusal. It is almost middle of March! Well, gives me more opportunity to go skiing.


Paul Landis said...

Spring has been late in coming here in eastern Pennsylvania as well. Yesterday we reached 65F and are to be seasonal or slightly above for the next week--so the trees came out of the shed today!!! We were 8F at night only a week ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter, here in Las Vegas we have been about 12 degrees F below average all Winter. Come to think of it, we did not have many days over 115F last summer either!

Enjoy the skiing.

Ana said...

Speaking of weather & times...

Just stumbled on a bit of news announcing that the Pacific Rim bonsai collection is closing [link below]. The trees are to be maintained while the status of the collection with its sponsor, the Weyerhauser company, is pending revision. By all accounts, David de Groot continues as the curator of the collection.

I can't quite guess the practical issues involved in the potential dispersal of such a collection [if it comes to that]. Still, the news beg a more philosophical question: how (and whether) the human nexus on which old bonsai depend, connects with the creative destruction driving this day and age? I'm not pessimistic here, just intrigued; would like to think that times somehow shape old arts in intelligible ways, well worth a thought.

[with apologies for barging on the Blog, yet again]



PS: (sources)

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