Saturday, March 21, 2009

two maples in the making

The first one is a French maple (Acer monspessulanum).

The second is a field maple (Acer campestre) which I got from Brent Walsotn four years ago. The stump images are two yeras old.


rommel said...

Hey Walter,
i was wondering,when is the best time to prune maples?I was told that autumn is the best time,just after leaf-fall.Is that true?

Walter Pall said...

One can prune maples from Feberuary to November and also in beween. The worst time is from beginning of August to beginningn of September. All other times are OK. Don't trust your books. Trust those who actually do it wih hundreds of trees.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Walter for this info.
Could you post a summary in some upcoming blog with this kind of info for different species? repot/train/prune/ etc?