Tuesday, March 31, 2009

huge hornbeam forest

By now the forest is coming nicely. Alex and I carried this one from the greenhouse to the final outdoor place. It seems a four men tree, but it is not much of a problem for two mountain boys. It helps that the pot is of fiber glass and the substrate is baked loam and was kept dry on purpose for this event.


Nitsuj said...

perfect amazing how you can capture the essence of it, Beautiful, GOOOOD job and may God bless you

Philippe Leblanc said...

Amazing forest!... Wahoo !
Such a big emotion, viewing those pictures. What could I feel, if one day I could have chance to walk around…?
Thanks to share Walter.
But … ? Aren’t’ you too old to manage those kinds of trees…? ;-) (joke)
Leave this kind of job to young generation (Me for example…) … ;-)
Don’t you think this forest could be very well in my garden instead of yours…?... ;-)
Remember you know my garden in France.