Thursday, October 30, 2008

winter images #10

Two Japanese maples, Acer palmatum
and one Eurpean hawthorn, Crataegus monogyna


HSanders said...

I have viewed a lot of your trees on this site, and have some familiarity with your naturalistic style. This is why the last tree pictured seems out of place to me. The downswept branches are not really typical of maples (although common in maple bonsai). PLEASE do not take offense, none is intended! but could you share some thoughts as to how you have styled the tree?

Walter Pall said...

The maple is in development. Trees in develpment often look awkward or even ugly and wrong. This is part of the game. I drastically pruned it a couple of years ago. The new growth is going upward and will do more so in the future. It is very typical for trees like maples to have thikc branches which are going down and then up again. The overall direction is up fur this type of tree. With this maple it is not yet the case. It will take about five more years to look right. The thin branches will all go up eventually.