Monday, August 11, 2008

three mugo pines after needle plucking


Juan Andrade said...

Besides the pine-envy I'm having right now, is that fat mugho (pic 6376) drying out some live veins? Just asking because of the peeling bark on parts of the nebari. I had always liked this one had live nebari all-around, and often wondered why you had not incorporated more roots to the rest of the shari.
This being a modern piece, would you prefer live nebari or just a narrow live vein in the front (which is marked pretty clearly on this pic) with the rest of the nebari made into shari? I would appreciate your feelings/thoughts on this...Thanks!


Walter Pall said...


this sure is a modern bonsai. I hate to exaggerate things though here. I would never wnat just a thin live vein in front. Often this looks very contrived. But as you can see some roots are dead and the bark starts to fall off. After the next exhibit I will take off more bark and clearly shari some roots. It will then take about two years for the fresh dead wood to get appropriate patina. I don't want this tree to become grotesque though. It must always look as if nature really did it and not like a sculpture done by a radical modern bonsaiist. We'll see.