Monday, August 11, 2008

ezo spruce finished

Many will remember this ezo spruce, that i acquired in May 2008 as seen on the first image. I did rough styling and planting onto the stone very soon in may 2008. Now it appears the spruce did not mind all this treatment at all and grew quite vigorously. So I decided to finish it right away.
Ezo spruce, Picea jezoensis, 70 cm high, way over 100 years old, collected in Japan, from the Kato family.


Anonymous said...

This time I disagree. The composition is very pretty but the suggestion potential is lost; I find myself locked into the image you created and can not “dream the tree” anymore. For the rest, I enjoy the blog so much, how do you find the time to do all that!

Pierre Gerber

Walter Pall said...

Oh well Pierre,

give it another three years until all the wire is off. It will look very natural then. It is a given that a spruce that was wired 100% will look sort of artificial right after styling.