Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rocky Mountain Juniper nr. 4 getting to look good

The first image shows how a healthy Rocky Mountain Juniper can look like if you treat it right. They never have growth like this in nature and usually in captivity they look a lot worse. Only with very well draining substrate, agressive and very frequent feeding and watering a lot and full sunshine all day they can look like this.
And then very quickly the long shoots were cut back and a nice crown appeared. Now for the first time this tree looks like it will be something special one day.

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Joseph Rauscher said...

A very happy tree indeed. I love the hollow in the first several views but when I scrolled to the final image the beautiful motion in the middle of the trunk just blew me away! Not an easy decision you have ahead of you. Another beautiful 360 degree bonsai Mr. Pall.