Sunday, June 1, 2008

Japanese Maple group refurbished

This is a Japanese maple (Acer palamtum) clump that I got in a trade yesterday. It was quite neglected during a couple of years. It probably was not repotted correctly, still sitting in the same akadama soil which has decomposed over the years. And then it probably was never fed well. Consequently the group started to die. Many branches were dead and the center tree was almost competely dead. But only almost. So I worked on it for a while and then fed it with a lot of nitrogen. We'll follow the development of this clump. In a cople of years it will shine again. The nebari is fine, the placement of the trunks is OK. The trunks are all rather the same diameter and the center trunk is too thin. This can be corrected by letting the center trunk grow uninhibited for a few years and it will thicken considerably. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Pall,
I love your maples, they shine with health. Could you tell me what feeding routine do you follow? I do a rotation of 20-20-20, fish meal and kelp meal every 2 weeks. Do you recommend something different?

Many thanks for your advice.

Walter Pall said...

I feed with the cheapest flower feed every two weeks. With a strong nitrogene content. All special bonsai feeding schemes are a waste of time, money and effort. Bonsai are regular plants and want regular plant feed, only more. Bonsai need more feed than normal plants because you want them to grow to be able to cut something off. And you want to devlop them and not to stay the way they are. Normal recommendations for bonsai feed are for the trees to STAY THE WAY THEY ARE. All cakes are absolutely supefluous. No western gardener who has never heard of bonsai will use cakes.
When will common sense finally reach the bonsai crown? Forget all feeding advice from bonsai books.