Friday, June 20, 2008

European oak defoliation

Is this good enough?

Quercus robur


Antti I said...

Is there a reason to keep lowest left branch?

Walter Pall said...


because it is an invention of a gardener and not an artist that bar branches are ugly. I will not let a gardener tell me what my artistic taste has to be.

Walter Pall

Austin said...

I have an oak that has yet to be identified, but it is deciduous and it came from the northern part of california. (I live in connecticut so I haven't a clue) It was collected 2 years ago, and is quite healthy. Unfortunately, it has long leggy growth. Would it be wise to defoliate and cut back to one or two nodes? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Walter Pall said...

Why in the world would you want to defoliate an oak in the middle of August. This is a very bad idea. Do you understand what defoliation is good for?
Beginners should NEVER defoliate.

Austin said...

Defoliation is used for development of smaller and twiggier growth, no? I have never owned an oak before, and I am unfamiliar with its characteristics. I defoliated most of my healthy tridents earlier this year and they produced smaller and twiggier growth, and was just wondering if similar results could be achieved. And while not a beginner, I still have much to learn, as you can see. What would be the best time and technique to tighten and ramify my foliage? Again, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you

Walter Pall said...

the only tiem to defoliate an oak is around beginnign of June. If you do it now it will loose many branches and can even die. And you defoliat ONLY when the tree si very healthy. Oaks often cannot be defoliated every year. If unsure you better don't defoliate an oak at all. Defoliation is NOT something that shold be done by folks who don't have enough experience.
But you can cut back long growth now. Cut back more than you think to leave room for new growht. most begnnner con't cut back enough.
This sort of discussion is NOT for a blog. It is for bonsai forums.