Friday, May 16, 2008

refurbishing of a sabina juniper


Lucas Sirotny said...

Hi Walter,

very nice refurbishing, it was really one step further in the development of this nice juniper. Let me ask you one question little bit out of topic but also regarding junipers, j. communis in concrete: I have problems in some specimens with sudden death of branches. It affects from small branchlets to secondary branches particularly on more developed trees. Theese turn darkish green-grey and in few days are completely gone. Should it be any kind of bactery and is there any possible cure?I think that some time ago there was a discussion about this but I unfortunately could not find a link. Thanks in advance for your answer.

Grand admiror of your work, Lucas from Czech Rep.

Walter Pall said...


J. comunis in my eyes is NOT useful as bonsai because of this. In my garden about 100 have died slowly. I do not collect them anmore. We don't know whether it is a fungus or bacteria. Many peole have the same problem. I would give up the tree.


Indoor bonsai said...

Thanks, great pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hi Walter. This juniper really is stunning. And let me give you some photo suggestion. I really think you should clean your sensor, it's full of dust. Regards, Andrej

Walter Pall said...


I think you should clean your monitor. I see no dust on my screen. I sell these images to foto agencies. They see no dust.