Wednesday, May 28, 2008

mulberry and horse chestnut

Morus alba
Aescuous hippocastanum


Jason said...

Wow, that Mullberry is a wonderful tree...Every aspect of this tree is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

the chestnut how do you get the lefs to stay small is it just levf cuttin or cos its in a small pot i have one my self i fonud it in my garden i think the leves are too big is it worth bothering trying it as bonsai should i something like beech oak or birch these trees grow nere my home ...thank you

Walter Pall said...

When the leaves unfold in spring I wait for a couple of weeks and then cut back the large ones on the outside. Closer to teh trunk there are small ones which will become the main leaves. If a horse chestnut is in a pot for many years the foliage becomes smaller by itself.
good luck

Anonymous said...

thank you for your advice on chestnut when reppoting tree to smaller pot and you cut the big thick roots like the tap it leves bare wood dos the wood rot or will the tree heal its self could i use some wood protecter on it thank you

Walter Pall said...

Ofcourse the tree will healit's wounds at the roots. Trees can help themselves. There is absolutely no need to to protect anything here.


Michael said...

Both of those trees are fantastic. I have already uprooted and roughly 12 year old mulberry and am working towards getting appropriate back buds. I am new to this tree, mine is a red mulberry, and I was wondering if the leaves can be trimmed in the same fashion as your chestnut. I was also wondering if you carved the base out or if that was a natural find.

Absolutely stunning work. Your balance and tapers are very nice

Walter Pall said...

you can well cut the leaves. Now is still possible.
I have carved very little, most is natural.

Walter Pall said...

You can carve any time any month. Where is the problem??