Sunday, May 11, 2008

looking good

Many trees that I have seem to look the same for more than ten years. Then one spring all of a sudden they improve drastically.
European oak
Japanese beech
European beech


Aaron Khalid said...


I have been wondering - how do you fertilize your trees? Since you have so many trees and they all seems very healthy, do you have a efficient approach to fertilizing? Or do you just do them all by hand?



Walter Pall said...


waht's the big deal about feeding?? I purchase whatever is on sale at garden and agricultural supply. I add the feed to my watering can and feed EVERYTHING about every ten days or two weeks during the active vegetation period. There is no need for anything else. Feed cakes are absolutely superfluous and have many negative effects.


Aaron Khalid said...

I was just wondering if you had a quicker way of doing it... I am impressed that you fertilize all of your trees by hand!

Summary said...

Hi Walter,

Are there any exceptions to your fertilizing regime - specifically do you adjust at all for plants like azalea, or for other fruiting or flowering plants?

Or are you consistent, feeding all plants a balanced liquid fertilizer every 10-14 days throughout the growing period, regardless of species or time of growing season?


Walter Pall said...


i know it's hard to believe, I treat all trees the same. Azaleas, young trees, old trees, broadleaved trees, conifers, recently repotted trees. collected trees right after collecting, tomatoes, terrace flowers etc. All the same.
In October a very well known gardener was here and said: " I have never seen so many so happy trees in one place".