Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The oak forest

In 1998 I got this from Mathias Hamacher. He found this at a military training ground. The tanks would go all over the vegetation and push whole oak trees into the soil. The branhes grew upwards and formed a natural raft.
Who would have thought that this kind of sticks could ever become a decent group? Well, I would have. This is why I took the photograph. In 2004 it already looks like something as I put it into the flat pot. Unfortunately a considerable part died consequently. Well see what was left over and how Lena wired the whole thing. I think it has a good future now.
The black things are coal sticks from the griling pack.


achim said...

i like that one very much...with the hole in it it looks even more interesting.

Roman Mrenka said...

I like this forest very much,I wanna ask you. don't you have problem with big leafs becouse european oak has it,and other quetion is. which soil you using,your grey soil doesn't look like akadama.

Walter Pall said...


I never use akadama. It is very expensive and dangerous. It decomposes and can kill trees wich are not repotted every two yers. I often ropot collected trees only every ten years.
I use baked clay as it is sold in the building industry for insulation of appartment houses. I add abut 15 % rough peat. NOTHING ELSE! NO SOIL! It is cheap and has a good color.I use the same substrate for ALL bonsai. Don't believe old fashioned bomsai myths.


Walter Pall said...

Roman, this forest is quite big, so the leave size is not that bad. And the foliage becomes much smaller over time in the pot.