Wednesday, May 28, 2008

lilac after blooming

Right after the flowers get a bit brown I cut them all off. In addition I cut back all shoots to the first pair of leaves.


Anonymous said...


is it important to cut off all brown flowers and the shoots to provoke new flowers and growth?



Walter Pall said...


no, the flowers will come anyway. I do this to make sure the tree stays compact and gets even more ramificarion close to the trunk. In addition it solves the problem of dehydration during hot days. Lilacs are the first ones to look thirsty and have to be watered three times a day if they have all their new growth.
This cutting back could be done any time during the summer. Now is a good time because the flowers start to look ugly. And then the tre has all summer to develop new flower buds for next year. if the cuts are made too late there will be no flowers next year.