Monday, February 25, 2008

renovation of the larch with the neolithic ax

The huge larch was placed on the big turn table. Then the branches were cut back and the tree was cleaned. Then everything wired. It's coming. It will take another five years to get to exhibit stage.
The tree will probably get a new front. The last image is a virtual and shows the new position.

See the whole story here:

the larch with the stoneax



Anonymous said...

A perfect story to go with the tree! A stone ax right where the tree grew, how ironic.

Martin said...

I will forward your idea to have a daiza for the axe to suiseki guys from our bonsai klub
Martin -

Martin said...

I have a question regarding larch.
I have desire to have one, but have no experiences with their collecting. Are they hard or easy to collect from nature? What is the biggest issue to take care of at collecting larches?

Spotted Dog said...

Martin, You should check out the book by Nick Lenz "Bonsai from the Wild" or the article on Mr. Pall at
It is an article on collecting.
If you are not skilled at collecting leave the old trees till you know what you are doing.