Thursday, February 21, 2008

hollow field maple #3

Lena helped me wiring the thing

It has many fronts, as usually. The one with the virtual pot in the last image is my favorite. Well, it will shine in a couple of years. Not so bad for a piece of material that was declared "useless" by some experts.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic material... Where can I find information on how one is to go about collecting stock that large?

Walter Pall said...

There is no other informatina but:

go get big gear, maybe a helper and possibly a comealong or a car to pull it out and start working. It is like digging a grave in heavy soil with lots of huge stones. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How do you dig something up this big and get it to live? I have tried digging something up this big before- there weren't many small roots- the tree threw out a few shoots and eventually died.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic, it really evokes some of the aincient rotted out oaks I have seen. The hollow trunk is very natural... one day I hope I'll have the space (and skills) to work on material like this! Thank you for sharing it, inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Walter, any tips on making hedge maples less britle or how to wire without lots of breakage? Also, do you prefer to use aliminium on these guys? Thanks.

Walter Pall said...

Just like Japanese maples. I wire them just like most deciduous trees. They are not more brittle than most other deciduous trees. Aluminum should be better, but I only have copper wire.