Friday, February 1, 2008

I can smell spring already

We had an unusually warm January again. Quite a few trees are showing their buds already, among them many flower buds.

garden lilac, Syringa vulgaris
dogwood, Cornus mas
honeysuckle, Lonicera
Japanese maple, Acer palmatum
wild cherry, Prunus padus
Japanese hawthorn, Crataegus cuneata
wild cherry, Prunus cerasifera
Chinese quince, Pseudocydonia sinensis


Aaron said...

That sure is alot of flesh for this time of year!

In the toronto area I would be amazed to see that right now, and apparently your part of central europe is even colder...

Walter Pall said...


my place is on the 52 latitudet circle. This is around 600 to 900 miles NORTH of Toronto, if I am informed correctly. Our climate is like southern New England thogh because of the Gulf Stream. Since Christmas the daylight is exactly one hour longer and this will continue at a rapid rate.
The climate change has made our spring coming about four weeks earlier and winter coming four weeks late. The winters are not what they used to be either. Summers are longer and it does rain sufficientyl. We are the winners of the climate change here. Teh climate clearly improved


Walter Pall said...

I learned the we are only on the 48th circle, while Toronto is on the 42 circle. The north of Germany is on the 52 circle. Anyway, we are considerably north of Toronto.

Aaron said...

as long as it stays long enough for me to be able to grow larch I am happy ;)