Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hornbeam broom form

This is a European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, collected in Germany in 1990, 50 cm high, around 30 years old, training pot, China.
Lena has cleanded and cut this tree which is, or was for sale. I took a long look at it and decided to play with it. How about a decent informal broom form? Is it not a broom form already. Yes sure, but it can definitely be improved.
So what exactly would this be? Well, see the last virtual to get an idea.


Anonymous said...

I much prefer the original longer, more elegant trunk. The final result looks stubby and unnatural.

Like a watercolor painting it sometimes is best to know when to leave well enough alone.

A mistake to chop the top. Totally unnatural with the thick trunk. In my opinion.

Walter Pall said...

Well, thank you for your opinion. You may well not see through the wire and have a vision of the future. I sometimes show trees like this one to my wife and she says what you say. Five years later this tree wins an award and she says how good it is. I tell her what she sayd some years ago and she denies it. To have a vision of the future look takes a lot of experience and talent.
You may have the right taste and I the wrong one. I think it is now one of the best hornbeam brooms that I have ever seen. To be honest I don't know one that will beat it. But this may well be due to my limited exposure.


Walter Pall said...


Have you ever heard that it is the norm for non-conifers to look worse after styling than before for a couple of years? One does not look at what is but what will be. Now not evrybody has this skill. May wife has no clue about it. She is defintely blind when it comes to see the future of a recent styling. So one should not blame those who don't have the vision (yet).

Have you ever thought why you almost NEVER see big name artists on stage with a non-conifer? Think about it.

PaweĊ‚ said...

Walter, I think that this is the best vision of future this tree. You are master of naturalistic style. Good luck.