Tuesday, January 29, 2008

trident brougth one step further

This one I got as stump last year. Now is a good time to work it over and bring it one step further. The green line shows where I see the silhouette in about ten years.

Trident maple, Acer burgerianum, 70 cm high, around 40 years old, from imported stump, pot China

First two images April 2007, the other onese of today.


Anonymous said...

Not a palmatum, surely.

Walter Pall said...

Oh yes, sure. Thanks for noticing.


Anonymous said...

fantastic sir, have good creation

Anonymous said...

Could you talk a little about this process? Do you grow feeder sacrifice branches to thicken closer to the trunk?

Can you talk about the naturalistic perspective, on this: creating branch shape that is matching the trunk shape? Could you provide some guidance?