Saturday, January 19, 2008

re-styling of a Japanese red pine #4

Next thing was to pluck old needles. The name "densiflora" means "dense foliage". And this tree sure had dense foliage. It was left alone for a few years and now we had a problem which we want to have: there was just too much foliage on it. Quite a few small branches had to go. Besides we cut off all the little dead ones and the left over stumps in between. This is a good time to look at the tree again from all sides and carefully think abut future design.

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Tomáš said...

Mr. Pall,

I found one little mistake - densiflora means dense blossoms.
Trees in nature and in gardens (for example P. dens. ´Umbraculifera´) sometimes have ugly branches and foliage because of lots and lots of blossoms.

Of course, P. densiflora has dense foliage too. I love the color of that foliage.