Sunday, January 27, 2008

gallery is back!

Don't think that this was an easy task. My provider has changed the tariff from private to business but has screwed up the actual site and it was not visible for 36 hours. I had to write extremely nasty e-mails to them of which I am almost ashamed now: like 'about to sue you', 'reporting the poor service on all forums', 'no service on weekends', 'you have your higher tariff but I am lonely in the rain' Anyway it helped. They worked on it even on Sunday morning and lost no word about my threats. So the whole thing is forgiven and forgotten.

see the new trees:



blazing said...

Sir, that's great news. However i'm sorry to hear that they had given you a hard time while recovering the site.
Hopefully, you won't face any problems like this.

Good day,
Emre Durdar

Walter Pall said...


well, they gave me a hard tiem by being 36 hours late and I gave them a hard time for this. Now we are even and the site is running. It would have taken another 36 hours.