Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fall pictures -part 9

Now is the height of the season. On the expense of boring some I post the daily development of the same trees.

field elm, Ulmus campestre, 40 cm, pot Japanese
two sides of linden, Tila platiphyllos, 60 cm, from nursery stock, pot Korean
two versions of European hornbeam, Carpinus betulus, 65 cm, collected in Germany, pot Japanese
European oak, Quercus robur, 55 cm,collected in Germany, pot Japanese
field maple
four Japanese maples


Anonymous said...

It's never boring ... please keep it up. We're in the opposite season down here (Australia) and the contrast is very nice.

Bogdan C. said...

Dear Mr. Pall,
We just love to see these beautiful trees in various colours as the seasons change! Thank you for this constant effort of sharing with us.


200xth said...

Links for each tree available in the gallery:

1) Field Elm #3
2) Linden #5
3) Same as #2 (reverse side)
4) European Hornbeam #1
5) Same as #4
6) Could not locate in gallery
7) Euonymous #1
8) Field Maple #1
9) Japanese Maple #5
10) Japanese Maple #6
11) Japanese Maple #4
12) Japanese Maple #3