Saturday, October 20, 2007

fall pictures -part 12

Only yesterday I thought that I will not be able to beat the last fall photographs. And now today the world looks very different again.

my garden this morning
hornbeam (and this I was sure could not be beaten!)
two Japanese maples
three European beeches


Alexa Montenegrian boy said...

Snow! Wow! Temperatures here are still around 20C... And your garden looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

OOohh!! It's simply fantastic!
Thanks for this great blog

Greetings from Spain,

Bogdan C. said...

Hello Mr.Pall!

I am curious: do you have regular garden soil in the area of your garden where you grow pre-bonsai/yamadori in the ground?
Thank you!

Bogdan C.

Walter Pall said...


I use gravel mixed with some peat and normal soil in the grwoing fields. I don't have any tres in the growing field anymore. I have them all in containers now. There the soil has to be DIFFERNET. I use mostly baked loam with some peat.


Bogdan C. said...

Thank you Mr.Pall! Yes, I've read your indications regarding the substrate for bonsai in pots. I was just interested about your garden, as I know it is sometimes necessary to keep the trees in the growing field until they reach some trunk thickness.


200xth said...

Links to the gallery for each tree above:

1) European Hornbeam #1
2) Japanese Maple #4
3) Japanese Maple #3
4) European Beech #1
5) European Beech #5
6) European Beech #7