Friday, October 19, 2007

fall pictures -part 11

I will nto show a picture of my garden here. It will be most disappointing. The indidvidual photographs show the fall color much better.

well known European beech at it's height
European beech, Fagus sylvatica, 70 cm, collected in Germany, pot China
European oak, Quercus robur, 65 cm, pot by Derek Aspinall, collected in Germany
European bog birch, Betula verrucosa, 80 cm, pot by Petra Tomlinson, collected in Germany
trident maple, Acer burgerianum, 50 cm, pot by Derek Aspinall, from imported raw material

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200xth said...

Links to the gallery for each tree above:

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2) European Beech #1
3) European Oak #1
4) Birch #2
5) Trident Maple #1