Wednesday, October 31, 2007

fall pictures - part 17 the climax is close

Japanese beech, Fagus crenata, 65 cm, from imported raw amteial, pot Derek Aspinall, wow! I have never seen it like this.
European beech, that's it, this I cannot top
linden, two sides, winter is near
linden, Tilia cordata, 90 cm, pot Derek Aspinall, collected in Germany, two good sides
linden, Tilia platiphylos, two sides, 60 cm, pot Derek Aspinall, from nursery stock
trident maple
big Japanese maple, the climax has to wait a bit

1 comment:

Wolfgang said...

PERFECT fall colors, Walter! - Fantastic!!
It´s about the big difference between day and night temperatures: that makes wonderful colors.