Wednesday, July 18, 2007

elegant Ponderosa pine - part 3

July 2007. Now it looks like almost show ready.


Wolfgang said...

The new pot fits much more better than the round pot, Walter.

This pine is getting better and better ..... - God job!


achim said...

very impressive development; as always, i´d like to see it in real.

Spotted Dog said...

Beautiful Walter

I like seeing pictures with you in them to help give the tree some scale. I have seen pictures of this one before (in International Bonsai magazine) and wondered how you got such nice scale to the needles. Now I see that it is partly due to the overall size of the tree.

200xth said...

In case you want to see any updates on the tree(s) above since this blog entry, here are the links to each tree(s):

1) Ponderosa Pine #3