Saturday, July 21, 2007

controversial larch

It is hard to believe. This larch has caused one of the most radical controversies on the IBC gallery. It was one of the reasons why I have left this inhospitable place. Those who had the big mouth then have fallen into oblivion since. Well, this larch is still around. If it continues like this I will even get it onto the Gingko Award. We'll see.

Larix decidua, European larch, 55 cm high, training pot by Derek Aspinall. The long needles are OK during the development phase. Eventually they will be much shorter.


Nils Arne said...


What is the trick to shorten larch needles?
Is it mainly the same principle as with pines?

Walter Pall said...

Nils Arne,

it is similar to pines. Mostly one just waits long enough and eventually the needles will become shorter by themselves after many years. One also cuts back on feeding and somewhat on watering


200xth said...

In case you want to see any updates on the tree(s) above since this blog entry, here are the links to each tree(s):

1) European Larch #10