Monday, July 23, 2007

the boxwood parade

This is a batch that I have imported last winter. These I have handpicked from several hundred already handpicked ones. They are all Koren boxwood, dwarf variety, Buxus microphyllum. They are all shohin size. Now this is very promising stock I think! Great fun to work wiht.
Pictures as of winter 2006 /07 and July 2007.


Roman said...

Mr. Pall
You are my big ideal and you website is my homepage.your job is wonderful.
Thank You very much.
Roman from Slovakia

Raphael Rybarczik said...

It´s cool that you are showing us some shohin these days. I love shohin-bonsai!

200xth said...

In case you want to see any updates on the tree(s) above since this blog entry, here are the links to each tree(s):

1) Korean Boxwood #14
2) Same as #1
3) Korean Boxwood #11
4) Same as #3
5) Korean Boxwood #12
6) Same as #5
7) Korean Boxwood #9
8) Same as #7
9) Korean Boxwood #8
10) Same as #9
11) Korean Boxwood #7
12) Same as #11
13) Same as #11
14) Korean Boxwood #6
15) Same as #14
16) Korean Boxwood #5
17) Same as #16

I believe these trees may all have been traded at some point and may no longer be owned by Mr. Pall, so there may not be many updates after this. I think he's replaced most of his Korean boxwoods with a couple hundred Oriental boxwoods.