Tuesday, July 17, 2007

colorado blue spruce on it's way

This is a Colorado blue spruce, Picea pungens. In Europe it is often called 'blue fir tree'. It is used as a garden plant in landcaping. This one really comes from Colorado. It is only 40 cm high and quite promising. Yesterday I cleaned it and did some woodwork. Now it will be left alone for teh season and stlyed next spring. This is a great rarity. I have not yet seen a good Colorado blue spruce bonsai.

1)and 2) October 2006: As found in the Rocky Mountains.
2) October 2006: in the pot by Derek Aspinall after editing
3)and 4) July 2007: as of yesterday after cleaning


Anonymous said...

Have you decided whether you will use one or both trunks?


Walter Pall said...


I have pre-decided to use both. Otherwise I would have cut off the one on the back immediately. But only yesterday I was contemplating to use the front one only agian. No final decison made. One can find hundreds of single trunks nd only very rarely such a twin trunk.
The fact that the twin starts too high technically doss not bother me at all. This is one of the idealistic rules that I choose to ignore. I design trees and not bonsai.