Wednesday, May 23, 2007

a real lot of stone slabs - part 2

more slabs.
One with spruce planted onto it.


Anonymous said...


Recently I passed by a Sod/Turf business and noticed that the cage of rocks they had was empty except for maybe five rocks. So, I bought the last two ugly flat slabs, much like those you've used. I thought of you!

I have a couple questions on how you use them. Do you drill a hole in the slab? Do you tie them down with anything. I recall a post where you glued wire onto the rock for transportation. How to you fix the tree to the rock?

Thank you again for you advice. I am a huge fan of yours.


Walter Pall said...

Gerald, fixing the trees is really a problem. I somehow try to pull them down with wire. Best are holes. The gluing did not really work.

Anonymous said...

So, do you drill the stones? How do you avoid breaking the stone?

If you don't drill the stone, how do you, "pull the tree down with wire?"

I had thought of keeping one of the stronger roots just for gluing down to the stone. I think Gorilla would work to fix the tree to the stone. The glue can be removed when the tree is removed or soil exchanged.

What do you think?