Sunday, September 20, 2020

Mugo Pine #8

 Mugo #8 - This tree has a bizarre record. I found him 20 years ago right on a path where thousands of mountain climbers had stepped over it in time. So I rescued him. In the beginning it was extremely complex, almost impossible to style. Over time it was clarified. A nice crown was developed. But the tree did not concur. It decided that this bizarre trunk needs a small, thin, simple  crown to let the trunk shine. A big healthy crown would look like a cabbage on top of some crazy piece of wood.

Today I decided to plant it onto this great natural stone from Germany. But definitely not this year as it is too late now. It will happen in April 2021 and not be a big deal. In less than an hour the combination will shine. I will report.

The crown and the whole tree would look much better right now If the old needles were plucked. But this would weaken the tree. In late summer of 2021 it will get plucked, the old wire will go off and the whole crown will be wired again.

The present pictures with stone are just victuals to see what it will look like.