Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring Opening 2019 at Hidden Gardens

A week ago at Hidden Gardens, south of Chicago, they had their Spring Opening 2019. Besides some other program we planted the Colorado Blue Spruce of Jim Baley on a slab. The tree was collected By Randy Knight in 205 in Colorado. The tree since then was styled by Walter Pall and Jennifer Price.

Five very large and very good handmade slabs by Mariusz Folda from Ibuki, Poland, were ready. We could choose the one that fit the tree best. A team consisting mainly of Jeff and Mark was led by WP.  In the end we were all quite happy. Now the tree will rest and totally left alone for a year. In twelve months it will be edited by Walter Pall and Jennifer Price again. In two years it might be ready for a big exhibit. Anyway, the purpose was to show what a great effect the right slab and the right tree together could have.

Just if you are interested, two of the slabs are still available as well as five handmade large pots by Mariusz Folda. Just contact Jennifer Price:

In case you think that you have missed something Here is good news. The date for the Spring Opening 2020 is already set. It is in the Easter week  when possibly more folks have time on Tuesday, April  7 all day. The program will be announced later.