Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Japanese Maple #10

What can one learn from this? The trick is NOT to be lucky, have a lot of money. purchase a really good tree and from then on be happy and the tree will get better by itself. Not true at all. The tree will only get better if you work very hard for the next ten years. In the end it looks like it just grew like this by itself. While one could have a really show-worthy tree in these ten years by doing nothing with my method the tree looks kind of funny all the time. If you really want to have a top bonsai you have to sacrifice momentary beauty for future quality. Most would not do this. and so they just don't have this quality. You cannot learn this from what they do in a Japanese nursery. There they simply cannot afford to do what I do. They have to sell and the tree has to look it's best all the time. That's a huge advantage one has as an amateur. Use it!