Sunday, September 23, 2018

book of Daizo Iwasaki collection

This is available for US$900 plus shipping, or Euro 800 plus shipping. The book is now in Germany.

Title Takasagoan Bonsai Collection
Publication year 1995
Author Daizo Iwasaki
Preface by Kimura Masahiko

Fortunately,it is written both in English and in Japanese.

Only 2000 copies were published.Limited edition
This is a very hard-to-find book together with Kakuryuan bonsai Collection.

In the English foreword to this book,Kimura Masahiko,a great bonsai master recommedns this book as follows,"Mr.Daizo Iwasaki is well known as a representative figure of bonsai to dmirerrs in the world of bonsai,with whom I have been associated for a long time.
Two years ago,I had a chance to take a look at Mr.Iwasaki's shelves holding the collection.There were a variety of bonsai;from very old trees,to young trees newly brought from the mountains.It was a magnificent view to see hundreds of bonsai,all well cultivated and neatly arranged.
It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity of taking care of his bonsai collection on the occasion of this publication."

This book has the number 1306
brand new condition
signed by Mr. Iwasaki

270 pages
151 trees featured
35 pots
and many other illustrations and descriptions

The few copies that appeared were sold in the past for up to US$ 1,000 and over.