Sunday, August 12, 2018

Japanese Maple #28

The tree got a new pot by Walter Venne. It was not repotted for probably ten years or so and stood in old akadama. Terrible,totally decomposed and hard like a brick. The tree did not get any new growth all summer long but looked happy otherwise. Now repottted with taking off more than 50 of roots at the middle of August! Desperation? No, I could easily have waited until September or April. it is the best time her to do this now, I found. One day after repotting the tree threw a new shoot! That's a tree's way of showing love.

Then see what I found - a fantastic nebari. Many will say - wow, great. Well, it is a bit too great, too big for the tree. There is an optimum for every good thing after which it gets worse. So what can I do? I will simply make the crown bigger by about 100 %. The result will e that the nebari relative to the size of the crown will be fine - 'too big ' is relative.