Monday, July 30, 2018

Japanese maple #23

This maple found a new home over the weekend. It experienced a great jump in quality in only15 months, which is almost two vegetation periods. If you look at the last image and compare it to the first ones you can see that it was nice, promising, but not yet exiting. Only 15 moths later the nebari seems to be twice as strong and is quite impressive now. The new pot, of course also helped a lot. The improvement is the result of very aggressive watering and feeding and hedge cutting. The tree could grow way more than it would have with most bonsaiists. After cutting beck there came endless new shoots which I let grow again very far out only to cut them back ruthlessly like a hedge again. This is insofar remarkable as the tree is in refinement stage and the methods do not sound like refinement and certainly not what is generally being taught.. Let the result speak for itself. The maple is planted in baked loam mixed with some pumice and about 25 % rough peat.Since I could do what I saw as challenge in a very short time I could let loose of the tree to get some money to purchase a new challenge.