Saturday, June 11, 2016

Bonsai Intermediate Course online now

It's possible to enrol now.

The brand new Bonsai Intermediate Course at Bonsai Empire with Bjorn Bjorholm

The Bonsai beginners Course at Bonsai Empire ( was a great success. Obviously it only covered quite basic subjects and many asked for more advanced information. Here it is now.

I was asked to go through this and write about my impressions. After I found out how voluminous the course is with 24 sub-sections I fist decided to only briefly browse through it. And then I set and watched the whole thing for a couple hours. While it is probably fair to call me quite advanced this intermediate course still interested me enough and taught me a few things. Some I will apply in my future work. While I do see a few tings differently than stated in this course it is always very interesting and important to listen to alternative ways. In the end the long term results decide whether a certain way of doing things is good and whether it is possibly better than others. The state of the trees shown speaks for itself and is proof enough that one better listens to what is being stated.

This experience also shows to me how much more one can learn from a structured and thought through course than from the standard demos and workshops. While it may be interesting and entertaining to watch demonstrations I think it is essential that in addition formal teaching must come in to understand fully what's going on and apply it in your garden. This Intermediate Course is the first step for this understanding.

I can only recommend to everybody who is serious about bonsai or who thinks of becoming serious to enrol. This is so much better than most of the 'education' we get on the net and so much more comprehensive than the education we normally get with standard demonstrations and workshops. The quality of the videos is excellent and to enjoy the most outstanding trees shown is worth the course already.

But one must not think that after this course you know it all. This is information about how iand what is done with already well established old Japanese bonsai material. It is about maintaining your collection of old Japanese trees and about resurrecting slightly neglected bonsai. But there certainly is more that we want to be covered.

After this one we hope for the Advanced Course. And also for more information abut artistic aspects of styling a tree from scratch as well as devlopment of material which comes ftom nurseries or which was collected in the wild. Eventually we should also get more information about American And European species.