Thursday, October 29, 2015

The 'impossible' transport

This is spruce #81 which was started by Peter Thali in Switzerland and continued by WP recently. This tree was just too big in my garden and because of sheer size could never show it's full potential. Finally I have found a place close to my home where it has the right kind of space around and can shine. The idea was there, but was it logistically possible? The fist obstacle was that only tow strong men could carry it to the car. The next puzzle was to get it in to the car without damage. Then at the final place four men dragged it out onto a palette. A crane moved it up to second floor where again three men placed it onto the prepared table of stone. In the alcove it will be happy as it is very light, th roof and side are open. It will be really outside but from within looking like it's part of the home. I am very happy to have fond this place for the venerable tree. Future progress will be reported.